You Deserve to be Seen as the Expert You Are. Become a Bestselling Author and claim it.

Nothing Builds Your Authority Better Than Being a Bestselling Author

One of the biggest challenges with growing your business is getting other people to see you as an expert.

The problem is, you blend in with everyone else. You know you provide true value to your customers and clients. You help people and make a difference in their lives, however, your market sees you as the same as everyone else. You don’t stand out.

Imagine: a podcast show host is trying to decide between you and someone else who speaks on your topic. You both applied to be interviewed on their show. So who do they pick?

You both have similar backgrounds, equal qualifications and you both sound like you would be a good interviewee. Yet, there is one difference, you are a bestselling author.

Being a bestselling author makes it easier for others to say “Yes” to you.

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Imagine this:
Your ideal clients reading your book and coming into your business, everyday

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The Challenge

In the past, becoming a bestselling author has been a huge challenge.

Traditional publishing is full of hurdles. The first and biggest of these is getting a publisher to agree to publish your book.

You will need to hire a literary agent and possibly a lawyer as well before you sign a contract. If you do get lucky enough to be signed by a publisher you will then work through the long process of traditional publishing.

You will give up control of pricing your book. And most importantly, you will give up the majority of your royalties.

You will responsible for marketing your book. Your publisher will not do any marketing for you (in rare occasions they might do 5% of the marketing that is required to launch a bestseller).

However, there is an easier way. The self-publishing revolution is here to stay and this is what we are all about at Book Mastery Academy.

The Book Mastery Bestseller BlueprintTM

Learning to self-publish your own book isn’t easy. In fact, it took us four years of trial and error, multiple courses and long hours before we produced our run-away bestseller.

We took everything we learned about writing our bestselling book and created the Book Mastery Bestseller BlueprintTM.

Let’s be clear about this, by “bestseller” we don’t mean a book that hits the top of the free downloads list or a book that reaches the #1 spot in a category for a few hours or maybe, even a couple of days.

Our bestseller blueprint is what we designed and then followed to produce our bestselling book that remained #1 for over 16 weeks.

But more importantly, it brought our ideal clients into our business and it still continues to do so.

It is our proven system.

We invite you to download it today.

47 Mind Hacks For Writers book

Who Are We?

We’re Karen and Steve Dimmick. We’re #1 bestselling authors and we self-published our book too.

We didn’t get here by accident. It took us over 4 years, 3 books and numerous courses and programs costing thousands of dollars.

And even after all of those courses, we still had to figure out the key pieces by ourselves in order to achieve our 16 week bestseller.

We’ve helped over 4,000 authors and entrepreneurs with marketing, technology and growing their businesses.

Now we are helping people like you achieve the success of being a bestselling author and growing your business with your book.

Your bestselling book is just waiting to emerge.

How We Can Help

Most people will never breakthrough to creating a book that builds their business. In the simplest terms, they will give up before they succeed.

They think they can hire just anyone who claims they can make them a bestselling author.

But the truth is, they don’t know what questions to ask. They don’t know to ask “What do you mean by bestseller?” or “How important is it to research my potential readers before I begin writing?”.

It’s more than writing a good book, you have to know what you readers want and what they are hungry for right now.

We can help you determine exactly what you need to do for your specific business in order to create a bestselling book that will not only establish you as the authority in your market, but will also funnel highly qualified leads directly into your business, day after day.

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Where To Start

There’s a lot of things you need to know before you’ll know what’s best for you. This is why we share so much information, so you’ll know the best way forward for you.

If you want to:
  • Charge more
  • Attract more clients, and
  • Be respected as the “go to expert”

Then the first thing you need to do is download the Book Mastery Bestseller BlueprintTM.

Are you ready to “write the book” for your market?

It’s time to claim your authority as a Bestselling author and start reaching people who need your help. After all, you deserve the praise they want to share about you and as a bestselling author you’ll feel comfortable receiving it.