We’re Steve and Karen Dimmick. We’re #1 Bestselling authors.

We’ve helped over 4,000 entrepreneurs and authors over the past 9 years. We can help you become a bestselling author too so you become the “go to” expert in your market.

Karen and Steve Dimmick

Hi! and thanks for checking out our website.

Before we go any further we want to clarify something. Not everyone has what it takes to become a bestselling author.

Most people psych themselves out of ever achieving the bestseller status. The biggest reason for this is misinformation.

So if you’re skeptical that we can help you we ask you to hold off on your judgement a little longer.

We know first hand that if you can achieve this it will be like feeding your business some miracle plant food.

So if you want to learn more about us read on.

A little about us.

We started out helping entrepreneurs and authors create high earning backend products and services. So here is a little information about us, the results we achieved and more importantly, what we learned along the way.

In our early years we designed and implemented membership sites, subscriptions, courses and even certifications to help our clients earn 6 – 7 figures within 12 months. This is something we still do today.

Since many of our clients were authors, we figured we would write our own book and self-publish it.

Our journey to bestselling authors.

Our first attempt at writing a book was a complete and utter disaster. It took us nearly a year to complete while we focused on all the wrong things. In the end what we had created did not stand out, we made hardly any sales and our book became an endless chore of updates.

After the disheartening results, we lost our motivation to create a bestselling book. We didn’t try again for another 3 and half years. This time we invested in our success. We bought multiple courses and programs from others who had achieved the results we wanted.

Our 2nd attempt brought in better results. We achieved a #1 ranking but it didn’t last. Our second book peaked at #1 and then quickly disappeared into the oblivion of the Amazon Kindle archives.

The missing ingredients.

Even though we reached the #1 spot, albeit briefly, we were determined to improve upon our results. We invested more time researching and studying the results of others.

We soon realised that the courses and programs we had invested over ten thousand dollars in were missing some vital elements.

This time we knew we were going to succeed, after all, third time’s a charm 😉

47 Mind Hacks For Writers book

Our bestselling book.

After over 4 years of trial and error, investments, courses, programs and lots of mistakes and failures, we finally succeeded.

Our third book, “47 Mind Hacks for Writers” sold over 1,000 copies and brought in hundreds of qualified leads into our business in its first 30 days. It became an international bestseller – reaching the #1 spot in 6 countries and allowed us to book numerous interviews and guest appearances.

Our book remained a #1 bestseller for over 16 weeks – that’s more than 4 months at the top of multiple categories on Amazon.

Over the following months we upsold over 50 live workshops and started our exclusive group coaching and private mentoring programs.

All because we have a bestselling book.

While our book might not be in the #1 spot today, it is still in the top 100 on the Amazon bestseller list for our category. Plus, it is #1 for our topic in the Kindle store and has been for the past 6 months.

Our mission with the Book Mastery Academy.

With what we have learned and figured out on our own, we decided we want to help other entrepreneurs bring their expertise to the world. We want to give them a massive shortcut so they don’t have to suffer from the mistakes we made.

If you are ready to share your message with the world and become a bestselling author, then click the button below. Sign up for a free call and we’ll go over your business in detail and see if we can help you.