Want to know if becoming a Bestselling author is in your future?

With the right system it’s easier than you imagine. You don’t have to be famous, it doesn’t take a year or more to write and you can do it without hiring a literary agent and landing a publishing deal.

Let us prove it to you at no charge with a private call.

Follow These Steps BEFORE You Book Your Call

We want to make sure you get the most out of your free call. We know your time is valuable so we want you to get the most out of the time you share talking with us.

Step 1. Review Your Market

Before you get on your call with us it’s important that you spend a few minutes reviewing your market. What is their biggest pain point? What knowledge could you share that provides true value to your audience?

Don’t worry though, we’ll help you fine tune your book idea so it attracts your ideal clients and positions you as the expert you are.

Step 2. Check Your Budget

It is important your business already has an income working with existing clients or customers. Ideally you should be earning 6k per month to qualify for our Done with You program.

However, you need to consider how much becoming the authority in your market will benefit your business. Will your business benefit from getting highly qualified leads (who have already purchased your book) joining your email list everyday?

Once you are a bestselling author your ability to grow your business will get easier and easier. Others will be more likely to want to include you for interviews, podcasts guests, and even to promote your products and services.

Step 3. Watch These Short Videos

We want you to watch these selected videos so you get a basic understanding of how becoming a bestselling author can truly help your business and what is involved in the process.

Find out if you’re ready to be a bestselling author.

Are you ready to “write the book” for your market?

It’s time to claim your authority as a Bestselling author.