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It’s time to get noticed and share your message by creating your bestselling book. We guarantee you’ll become a bestselling author.

bestselling author guarantee

Most books don't sell...

Most authors only ever sell 250 copies of their book…. in their lifetime!

They never make any impact. The only sales they earn are just a handful from close friends and family.

They never become a #1 bestseller. In fact, most of them never get into the top 100 in any category on Amazon. They quietly disappear into the basement of books on Amazon that don’t sell.

Traditional publishers are not the answer.

Publishers only do so much. Many first time authors find this hard to believe, but publishers don’t market your book for you. They expect their authors to do the marketing and if you don’t already have an email list you probably won’t even get signed under contract.

You will not be guaranteed sales by a traditional publisher and any profit from sales you do make will go to the publisher.

The worst thing is the publisher will have complete control over your book, pricing, listing description and most importantly, any links that you want to appear in your book to attract your readers to your website.

In most cases the publisher will remove these links from your manuscript, thus crippling your chances of growing your business.

What makes us different:

Our program is focused on 1 thing – growing your business. Becoming a bestselling author is just one of the steps you need to help do that.

However, unlike many of the “make you a bestselling author” programs out there, when we say bestselling we mean it.

A true bestseller...

“Bestseller” to us means what you most likely would think it means: actual book sales that put you into the top 100 bestseller rankings on Amazon.

A bestseller scam tries to convince you that getting into the top 100 free downloads list (something Amazon also tracks) makes your book a “bestseller”.

To us, the term “bestseller” means you actually have to make SALES! So those scams that claim free downloads are the same as actual sales are just that, scams.

It’s time to get noticed and be recognized for the value you have to share.

Are you ready to be taken seriously?

You can always find "the book" you should have written…

…already published!

Chances are, someone else has written it first, and they’re the authority.

They are growing their business while they sleep, continually engaging new prospects who see them as the expert.

When I found the book I wanted to write already out there, it took me years to recover from this misstep and the regret followed me for a long time.

Book to Business

How readers become fans and customers of your business.

Potential lead searches Amazon for a book to help them on your topic.
They see your book and are instantly attracted to the Title and cover design.
Reading your book's description and viewing the "look inside" convinces them to buy your book.
After they start reading your book they learn more about the topic and are impressed with how much value they are getting from your book.
They get to your first "added extra" that you have carefully mentioned in your book and click the link.
Arriving on your landing page, they fill in the form and join your mailing list to get access to the added extras you offer.
They see one of of your offers to help them further and because they already trust you and see you as an expert they buy.
Your reader has now entered your business and become a happy customer.

Please note: marketing and promotion activities have been omitted from this example for simplicity.

There's still time.

With what we know now, we have realized that it doesn’t matter that someone else has already written the book you want to write.

Chances are your book will be better, people will like it more and you’ll be the one claiming your authority because you care about your market AND your book isn’t just another badge for your market to collect.

Your book delivers an experience that takes your readers on a journey.

We can help you create that journey for your market.

We have 2 ways we can help you grow your business:

Done WITH You

We guide you through our 4 month program, helping you with every step

Done FOR You

We do it for you, with an added option where we even write your book too!

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